Carmen’s Packing For Vacation in a Carry-On & Still Slaying!

Hey! It’s Carmen from the midday!

Traveling season is upon us and if you follow me on social media … you know I love to travel.

Traveling can get super expensive so it might look like I’m ballin’, but the real secret is, I’m ballin’ on a budget!

Yes, (brags with no shame) I am an amazing bargain hunter. Plus, I love to cut cost where every I can, especially when taking a trip. One thing I live by is packing everything in a carry-on. It’s super possible! You can totally cut the cost of your travel fees by avoiding the baggage costs, since these airlines want to have insane luggage fees all of a sudden.

So, anywho … I am very excited because my next trip is happening super soon! I’m going to Dublin, Ireland and it’s going to be EPIC. Of course I’ll be packing everything I need in a carry-on. I’m using a few minimalist methods to pack light. Don’t get it twisted … just because I pack light doesn’t mean I’m not going to be out there slaying … (does anyone really slay in Dublin tho??? I’ll keep you posted when I find out) …

If you want to see exactly what I’m packing for my trip, watch my video below!

Enjoy! xx


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