Why Are Some People Getting Smart Microchips Implanted In Their Hands?

Hi it’s Adam from Chris & The Crew.

I recently read something in the Daily Mail that freaked me out! Some people in Sweden have already implanted microchips in their hands to make their lives easier. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, but I don’t want technology in my body. I like me cell phone to be in my pocket, I like my keys on a keychain, and my credit or debit card in my wallet. This chip can replace two of the things I just mentioned. I can see why some of these people decided to do it. Some companies in Sweden offer the implants to their employees for free. The perks of the hand microchip let you have “keyless” entry into buildings and you can pay for things with a waive of your hand.

Also If you’ve been wondering, the microchip is about as small as a grain of rice.

This is the part that really freaks me out: it could cause an infection, but also your chip could potentially be hacked. Think about it, that chip knows your every move. It has data stored on it that knows where you were, what building you went into, what you bought with it. Now you know why I am freaking out!

I will not be getting a microchip in my hand. Even if I was offered it for free, I’d say ‘thanks, but no thanks!’

Read the full article here or check out the video I found about it below


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