Worst Proposal Ever Reminded Chris Rollins of Her Own Proposal!

Hey, it’s Chris Rollins…did you see the viral video of the kid peeing in the fountain next to his dad, in the middle of a very romantic marriage proposal, to his mom?! You’ve gotta check it out! It’s hysterical! He doesn’t care that this very special, once in a lifetime (hopefully) moment is taking place, when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go! I’m sure this dad planned his proposal out, making sure every detail was going to be perfect to propose to the love of his life! He had it all going for him! The backdrop was perfect…a beautiful fountain, his beautiful girl, a beautiful ring…what more could he want! He gets down on one knee, proposes, and everything seems perfect, until the unexpected happened….his son has his pants around his knees and is peeing! LOL! He’s close enough to them, that he made the video, and the forever memory of that wonderful day! LOL! My proposal had a little unexpected moment too! I laugh about it now, but, at the time, not so much! John had already asked my dad to marry me, he had the ring, and decided to propose in front of my family at Easter Dinner, because my family is super close, and he liked the idea of them all being there, along with his mother, who had joined us as well, although, like me, she didn’t know a proposal is coming! When he popped the question, I’m cried, my family cried, and his mom yelled out, “Oh No!” Excuse me? Oh no? Not exactly the reaction I wanted from my future mother in law! LOL! All is well that ends well…we’re still married and we all get along great, but, the story is one we laugh about all the time! So, my advice to the guy who’s son’s peed all over his proposal and anyone else who has a little unexpected twist to their proposal…just roll with it! It’s the start of your unique story, and hey, you may go viral like that guy, or hopefully laugh about it for many years to come!


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