Floral Prints are Out & Cherry Prints are in!

Throw out all your floral patterns, cuz they are so last Summer! Hey it’s Tiffany from Chris and the Crew and I’m all ready for Summer and I mean, why shouldn’t I be? It starts next week! I’ve been gettin rid of a ton of clothes in my close that I don’t wear anymore and I’m always trying to stay up on the latest trends!

I just read this article on Cosmo that this year’s Summer pattern is…cherries? Yeah, I was really surprised too! I love floral anything! Dresses, tops, you name it! I feel like you can wear that pattern to so many places! The cherries design started popping up in February and fashion experts are saying it’ll be everywhere from shoes, to bags, cute dresses, and tops! Cherries are not my favorite fruit and I’m not a fan of the color red, so I may still be wearing some florals this Summer!

Check out some cute looks below and decided if you’re leaving work to go shop for the latest Summer pattern!

Sundays 🍒 @katherineruetz

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