The Contest

Do you have a tattoo that you regret? A tattoo that you're embarrassed to show off? A tattoo that's... let's face it... UGLY?

Show us your ugly tattoo and you could have a chance to get rid of it - forever!  Get started by clicking HERE...

... then get your friends and family to vote for yours as The Ugliest Tattoo every day til the end of March!  The most popular tattoo will be named the ugliest tattoo and the victor of The Ugliest Tattoo title and prize!

The Prize

The Winner will get to have their tattoo removed with the Picosure Laser at Serenity Medical Spa!

Prize is $2500 Gift Card to Serenity Medical Spa to be used toward laser tattoo removal or any desired treatment(s). Gift Card not valid for spa products.

PicoSure is the world’s first picosecond laser for safe and effective removal of tattoos. PicoSure erases unwanted ink more effectively than ever before, successfully removing difficult ink colors as well as previously treated tattoos. Fewer treatments, faster recovery time, and greater results are now achievable with PicoSure.

Patient of Dr. Gertzman's undergoing Tattoo removal with PicoSure.

Another patient of Dr. Gertzman's undergoing Tattoo removal with PicoSure.